logo_inmobiliariaInmobiliaria Costanera S.A. has been in the real estate business for more than 20 years. In that period, there have been two clear stages of development:

The first, through 2006, was characterized by managing all projects that were implemented. The investment vehicles were Inmobiliaria Parque del Sol S.A. and Inmobiliaria Laguna Chica S.A., through which significant parcels of land were purchased in La Dehesa and in the San Pedro de la Paz sector in Concepcion (Eighth Region). The parcels were subdivided and sold both to individuals and property developers.

The second stage began in 2006, after foreseeing a major consolidation in the sector. Inmobiliaria Costanera S.A. thus made the decision to join ranks with leaders in the industry segments in which it was interested: housing costing less than UF 1,800 (approximately US$ 70K), with good access and security since there was less of a cyclical fluctuation. It was decided to hand over management to the partners, while Inmobiliaria Costanera S.A. would play an important role through its “core competencies.”